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Audio Blood


Name: Shereen Erakat
Nick-Names: Shereener,Reener,Reen, Reed, Kat, california, cali, kali
Age: 17
B-Day: 08/14/87
Location: chicago, Il
Sex: female

Band(s): story of the year, greenday, gooser, simple plan, taking back sunday
Movie(s): dazed and confused, dumb and dumber, dodgeball
TV Show(s): the oc, viva la bam
Book(s): harry potter junkie, siddartha
Color: hot pink
Animal: cat
Food(s): jack in the box, inn and out, pizza, pasta
Quote (Not Song Lyric): a true friend stabs you in the front
Store(s): hot topic, american eagle, vintage shops, virgin records, best buy, journeys
Season: summer
Song(s): welcome to my life, american idiot, California,
CD(s): still not gettin any, american idiot
Song Lyric And Give Reason Why: "i'm sorry i cant be perfect" im not.
Least Favorite Band: goo goo dolls
Least Favorite TV Show: ER

Do You...
Have piercings, what?: yes, two on both ears.
Tattoos: will when 18.
Drink: no
Do Drugs: no
Like School: eh

Hobbies: writing; lyrics, and poems.
Likes: music, movies, guys, burning DVDs, burning music.
Dislikes: rap, guys wearing flip-flops, guys wearing speedos, and "valley" girls.
Describe Your Personality: slightly shy, open (when you get to know me), can be a bitch.
Anything Interesting About Yourself: cool to get to know. ???
Best Concert Experience (explain): first rock show. mosh pits. california. dark room. AAA (alcohol all around).

Give Views On..
Abortion: im not pregnant. but it aint all that great.
Racism: deal with it. i do. it sucks!!!
President Bush: hes a C+ average student, and so am i. (ok B+).
Gay Marriage: whatever flys your plane.
SxE: all hands on deck.
Vegetarinism: healthy?
School: eh. gives me some rights, yet takes some (important ones) away. it gets me doin somethin.
Britney Spears: hot bod, yet annoying.
Good Charlotte: alright..i mean i do have their album.
Dashboard Confessional: im afraid to comment.

(post at least 3 pics of yourself; my icon is one. the other two are too big. email me and ill send them. sorrie.
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