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Audio Blood

Name: Jennifer
Nick-Names: Jen, Jennie, Jenison, Dicator Girl
Age: 14
B-Day: December 1990
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Sex: Female

Band(s): FM Static, Searching Out 7, Skillet, Pinback, Metallica, Megadeath, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Gun 'n' Roses
Movie(s): The Matrix, White Men Can't Jump, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble
TV Show(s): The Simpons, Malcom in the Middle, Blues Clues
Book(s): Artemis Fowl, The Chroncles of Narnia
Color: Black or blue
Animal: Rottweiler
Food(s): Chocolate, Animal Crackers
Quote (Not Song Lyric): Should we be sad that roses have thorns or happy that thorn have roses?
Store(s): Office Max, Virgin Records
Season: Winter
Song(s): Definitely Maybe, Long Live Rock, My Generation, Brown Sugar, Master of the Puppets
CD(s): FM Static Definitely Maybe, Led Zeppelin II, Metallica Master of the Puppets
Song Lyric And Give Reason Why: "Sorry, I'm not your cup o' tea,
But I don't mind,
Yeah, I said I don't mind.
At least I know you're thinking about me.
Yeah, I don't mind,
Ahh, maybe I do mind." I like those lyrics because I think everyone feels that way sometimes, I do at least. People at school don't like me much and I try to act like I don't care, but I can't help but feel hurt.
Least Favorite Band: I don't really have one, most bands I can stand.
Least Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor, it's too overrated

Do You...
Have piercings, what?: Yes, just single ones in my ears
Tattoos: No
Drink: I have before, but it's not a habit
Do Drugs: No
Like School: School itself is okay, but not the people at my shool.

Hobbies: Writing, watching tv, playing keyboard,
Likes: Winter, music, felt tip pens
Dislikes: My brother
Describe Your Personality: Usually I'm pretty quiet, but when I'm with good friends I get crazy and annoying.
Anything Interesting About Yourself: Not really...
Best Concert Experience (explain): Searching Out 7 definitely. It was my first time hearing them and it was the same for about everyone. But their music was great. Everyone was jumping up and down and screaming the words and the room was just filled with energy.

Give Views On..
Abortion: In most cases I don't support it, if you don't want a child you should be more careful, but if it's truly not your fault I'm okay with it.
Racism: I'm against it. Race doesn't matter, I thought we learned this in the '60s.
President Bush: I never paid much attention to politics so I really don't care.
Gay Marriage: It's okay with me, I'm not really opinionated on this issue.
SxE: I think it's cool that some people can commit to it, but I never could myself.
Vegetarinism: Again I think it's cool how people can commit to something like this, but I'd never be able to.
School: The stuff we learn is okay. But all the kids are mean and most the teachers are incompentant.
Britney Spears: I don't like that type of music so I really don't like hers.
Good Charlotte: Their music's bearable, but not my favorite.
Dashboard Confessional: Again they're bearable, but not my favorite.

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