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Audio Blood

Name: Ashley
Nick-Names:Ashie, Asher, emo-is-dead (nickname from all my hardcore rocker friends,b/c they say I have a secret love obsession w/ emo)
B-Day:July 9th. year of 1985.
Sex: Female

Band(s): I don't know how many you want, but.... Underoath. Sigur Ros. Moldy Peaches. SaetiaNeutral Milk Hotel. Interpol. Morrissey. The Smiths. onelinedrawing. Cursive. Godspeed You Black Emperor. Sonic YouthBeck. Glassjaw.
Movie(s): Gummo (indie flick from the creator of Kids.. another fav of mine), Ghost World,  Disney Movies (Aladin..etc). Mainly a bunch of indie films, I won't make a big list unless someone would like one.
TV Show(s):  Lunch Poems (UCTV Sunday Nights), Boy Meets World, Via La Bam... all those shows where they show how movies are made :)
Book(s): Shel Silverstein (yah, the children's poetry writer.. he's my hero) pretty much every book of his, Even though its common, perks of being a wallflower...my poetry books I've collected... anything anyone likes to pass along. (you know a book is good when you want to share it with a friend)
Color: Green. My room is green...my eyes are green... I just love it.
Animal: My sharpei puppy :)
Food(s): Boca Burgers. Yummm.
Quote (Not Song Lyric): Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Suess.
Store(s): Savers (thrift store in ark).. Salvation Army, Goodwill. etc...
Season: Fall (aka sweater-n-scarf season)
Song(s): Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd (my class song, as well as my only influence I ever had at my school)... and.. too many to list I would assume.
CD(s): Those of my favorite bands.. especially glassjaw, moldy peaches, and sigur ros.
Song Lyric And Give Reason Why: When people whisper it makes her nervous-glassjaw>> why?  It describes me O-So-Well.
Least Favorite Band: uggh. Evanescence.  (Amy Lee is so mean.)
Least Favorite TV Show: Those operating shows.. *weak stomach*

Do You...
Have piercings, what?: tongue, ears (6 gauge, or i did have.. gotta start over b/c I lost them )
Tattoos: I am still getting mine planned out, but eventually I am going to have one covering most of my back
Drink: occasionally, within reason.
Do Drugs:  can't say that I haven't. Not the wisest choice, but.. kids will be kids.. Kudos to anyone who can withstand the pressure.
Like School: only my writing/oral comm classes.

Hobbies: ?? Creating random things... I made a tree out of sticks on my dorm room door the other day, for example.
Likes: Sweaters and cheep stuff
Dislikes: overpriced bullcrap.
Describe Your Personality: easy going
Anything Interesting About Yourself: I  took a year off basically just to hang out with my friends' band.
Best Concert Experience (explain): MeWithoutYou... it was just a crazy, energetic show, and the lead singer has the best stage presence ever...

Give Views On..
Abortion: I wouldn't do it myself, but its a woman's choice.
Racism: There is just no need. I'd  pluck out my own eyes before I participated in such useless hate.
President Bush: Not who I am voting for.. that's all I have to say about him.

Gay Marriage: I am all for gay rights... Marriage.. I think they should be viewed as equals with a married straight couple..
SxE: Amazingly awesome. I wish I was that strong. I am working on it though.
Vegetarinism: I am one :)
School:... didn't we cover this earlier?? o well. it could be alot better. alot more.. goal focused? I just don't see the need in sitting me in a biology class to make me a better writer.
Britney Spears: uggh. She's got guts. i'll give her that.
Good Charlotte: indifferent. better than a few, worse than alot.
Dashboard Confessional: the old stuff was amazing. new cd.. what happened?

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So pretty much all of my pics are with my best friend Meg:

I'm on the left:

this one makes me smile :)

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