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Audio Blood

Name: Kelsey
Nick-Names: kels, kelskels, sunshine, pumpkin
Age: 15
B-Day: 6/12/89
Location: clarkston
Sex: female

Band(s): the used, loser's luck, blink 182, tbs, sugarcult, billy talent, dashboard confessional, avenged sevenfold, letter kills, three days grace
Movie(s): sixteen candles, coyote ugly, pirates of the caribbean
TV Show(s): um, i don't watch much tv cept sports
Book(s): speak, the perks of being a wallflower
Color: black and purple
Animal: turtles
Food(s): salads, ice cream! hehe, and bagels with peanut butter
Quote (Not Song Lyric): anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness has never danced in the rain
Store(s): hot topic, spencer's, kohl's
Season: fall, and summer
Song(s): saved, iris, have i told you lately, the taste of ink, down, pretty girl
CD(s): the used, tbs- tell all your friends, blink-182- self-titled, um, yeah. i could keep going for a while
Song Lyric And Give Reason Why: "i'm everything i am because you loved me" it's from the song that i sang at my uncle's memorial service and it's true about my life and how much he meant to me
Least Favorite Band: good charlotte
Least Favorite TV Show: um, i dunno. jeopardy

Do You...
Have piercings, what?: i wish
Tattoos: ditto^^
Drink: i try not to
Do Drugs: nope
Like School: meh, i guess

Hobbies: photography, floral design, soccer
Likes: being happy, my friends, black roses, hockey, local bands
Dislikes: hatred, regret, liars, backstabbers, ppl who think they're better than others
Describe Your Personality: i'm kind, open-minded, patient, liberal. i dunno, ask colleen (riverbelow )
Anything Interesting About Yourself: i can roll my tongue in a spiral 3 times. i'm licensed to do aba training.
Best Concert Experience (explain):um, probably blink-182 cuz i had an awesome time just enjoying it. and warped tour 2004 cuz i was with my bestest friends and stuff

Give Views On..
Abortion: it's your choice. i could never get one, but i don't have any right to tell anyone what is right or wrong
Racism: bad. it only shows how ignorant someone is.
President Bush: grr, don't even get me started. evil republican...
Gay Marriage: awesome. love is love no matter what
SxE: whatever flips your pizza!
Vegetarinism: yay! that's awesome. i stay away from most animal products
School: it's ok. i think we could learn a lot more if the govt would butt out. and it takes me away from home
Britney Spears: hey, if she wants to flaunt herself like that, fine. i'm not one to judge. i don't necessarily like her, but whatever
Good Charlotte: yuck. period.
Dashboard Confessional: awesome. love em. so happy a certain someone got me into them

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<--- there's me in a tree
<--- and me with a pirate (almost 2 years ago)
sry, those are the only two i have! <3

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